FREEING Canada! The Best Vancouver Real Life Room Escape Games Located in Richmond, BC

Room escape games have been growing in popularity recently in Vancouver, BC. Players are locked in a room, and must work together as a team in order to escape before the time expires. They will have to solve various puzzles, riddles, and mysteries by utilizing their logic, observation skill, and teamwork. We at FREEING! Canada Station provide a wide selection of innovative puzzles, in-depth storylines, and the latest in technological puzzles and components. Step into the shoes of a secret agent: solve murder mysteries, uncover the supernatural, explore an asylum, and much more.  Are you up to the challenge? Call to book your adventure in one of our fun and exciting Vancouver escape room games today (604) 285-5521.


Welcome to Freeing! Canada – Real Life Escape Room Games in Vancouver and Richmond BC. We, Freeing! Canada, are a top secret special agent organization adept in solving mysteries and stopping crimes that could have devastating effects on the world. You must be the new recruits that we have been hearing so much about. Thank you for enlisting, your help is greatly needed! In case you haven’t heard, the evil scientist Dr. Alpha is up to no good once again and has been causing mayhem all over the world! We need your expertise in order to capture him and his minions to restore peace to the world.(delete sentence) Are you up for the task?

Don’t worry though; we would not send you into your first mission unprepared, what kind of special agent agency would we be if we did? Here at HQ, we will make sure that you are equipped with the proper tools needed for the many room escape game missions you will be undertaking in the future. We have a mission for every type of agent, from those Sherlock Holmes-type detectives to experts in the paranormal field. For those who are brave enough, you will be entrusted with the task of disrupting Dr. Alpha’s evil plans so that we can once and for all rid the world of his evil presence.

Regarding the current missions we have, a couple of clients have contacted us recently regarding the murder of their beloved ones, as well as an insane asylum that needs investigating. These missions are less intensive making them suitable for newly enlisted agents, as this will give you a chance to learn the tricks of the trade and hone your skills. For veteran agents looking for a greater challenge, sneak inside Dr Alpha’s military base to rescue one of your comrades, or explore three different countries to investigate the rumour of a mysterious paradise! However, all agents are free to choose the missions they wish to partake in as we believe that all Freeing Agents, new and old, have the ability to be successful in all their missions!

We wish you the best of luck in your future missions and hope to see you soon at headquarters. Remember, the world needs YOUR HELP!

Freeing! Canada Headquarters – Vancouver and Richmond, BC


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