About Freeing! Canada Station

NOW IN CANADA!  Freeing! Canada brings the popular escape games to real life and is proud to join the Freeing Stations in Hong Kong, China, Italy, Singapore, Taiwan, India, and Macau. This wildly popular new entertainment concept is designed to challenge players intellectually with unique puzzles, regardless of age. It is a real life alternative to computer games and a unique social experience to enjoy with friends or new acquaintances. All game clues and challenges are provided in English or Simplified Chinese.

Intellectual Challenge

The game room is locked from the outside, with the main goal being to solve puzzles and escape the room within a certain set time limit. To escape, Players have to stay calm under pressure, utilize the gathered clues, and work together to find the way out.

Real-life Exciting Experience

The online room escape game concept is brought to life! Players step out from the virtual world to experience the excitement in real life. The game puts players on an interactive adventure in the real world, immersing players in the game story, allowing them to explore their surroundings and solve physical puzzles; bringing entertainment to a whole new level.

Entertainment Concept in a New Era

Over 300,000 participants have taken on the challenges and attempted to be FREE. Come and experience this live-action entertainment today!