Black Swan

The King family is a giant in the real estate industry. When Cassie King won a chance to audition for the lead role in the prestigious Swan Lake ballet performance, Mr. King rewarded his daughter with her own personal dance studio inside the King’s tower.

Mr. King knew Cassie was busy with her upcoming audition, but he grew anxious as he was unable to reach her for several weeks. When he made a visit to her studio, he found his beloved daughter lying on the floor…dead. Scrawled on the mirror in her blood were the words “take revenge for me”

The wealthy eccentric Mr. King has now hired you to find the murderer, and locked you inside the King’s tower until you solve the mystery. What happened to his daughter? Who killed her?

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Min Players:   player  player

Max Players:   player  player  player  player  player  player

Time limit:45_min

Admission: $23.00 + GST per player

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