Corporate Events

Freeing Canada is adept at providing innovative team building activities in this new era of entertainment. Our theme rooms can be used not just for the sole purpose of entertainment, but are often utilized to promote teamwork and enhance communication skills in a corporate setting.

In regards to availability, We do offer time outside of our operating hours for corporate reservations, please contact us at for further details. In addition, we will upload your company logo onto our webpage to promote your company if that is something you desire. Please contact us at Freeing! if you have had a corporate event in the past and would like your logo to be presented on our webpage.

Why us ?

Teamwork and communication is a pivotal part of any successful work environment. Here at Freeing! Canada, our games are tailor-made to incorporate the very same skills needed in every business. By hosting your corporate events with Freeing!, your team will enjoy a thrilling yet challenging puzzle game where they will need to work together in order to solve puzzles, riddles and logic problems in an effort to escape the room! Throughout the experience, your team’s communication, problem solving and critical thinking skills will be put to the test, creating a fun and enjoyable environment to improve their skills. We welcome any sized groups, offering our 6 different theme rooms as well as a lounge room to relax in after the game for your event booking.

Our facility has 6 different theme rooms allowing for multiple groups to simultaneously play in. We also offer private time slots outside of our operating hours for corporate reservations; please contact us at for more details. Book a corporate event with us and show the world your company’s commitment to your staff, we will upload your company logo onto our webpage! Please contact us at if you have had a corporate event with us in the past and would like to have your logo presented on our webpage.

Benefits of team building

Team building events are a great way for employees and managers to build a positive relationship with one another. By participating in our games, participants will be working together towards a common goal; all the while improving their communication other work related skills in a friendly environment with their peers and leaders. Several key benefits to having a team building event include improvements in productivity, morale, collaboration, communication, a greater sense of inclusion and team spirit; not to mention that it is a chance for leaders and employees to destress and have fun some together!

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