Forgotten Crypt

The Sapienti clan, a family of astrologers that believed the celestial bodies of our galaxy held mystical powers, had been studying the stars and planets for many generations. They were ridiculed and shunned by society for their outrageous beliefs, until Dante Sapienti discovered a way to harness this magic. However, he was driven mad from the immense power that he could not contain, causing his family to take drastic measures, sealing his soul within the crypt.

Hundreds of years later, his crypt remains untouched, forgotten through the ages. Recent intel has shown Dr. Alpha is planning to unearth the tomb and capture Dante’s soul. Freeing Headquarters has sent your team into the forgotten crypt to release the restless spirit, so that his power may never be unleashed upon this world.

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Min Players:   player   player

Max Players:   player  player  player  player  player

Time Limit:

Admission: $26.00 + GST per player


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