Black Swan

Secret of the Asylum

War of Tomorrow


Forgotten Crypt


���ALL DREAMS COME TRUE IN RAINBOWORLD”. This rumour has been quickly spreading throughout the world, but no one knows where it came from or where exactly is the mysterious Rainboworld. In China, South Africa, and England, strange markings have been appearing, causing even more speculation and wonder. Our headquarters know too well that the mad scientist Dr. Alpha is once again behind all this. But just what is his plan this time, and what is Rainboworld? Your team has been sent to the three countries to investigate. Can you discover the location of this rumored paradise?

*There is a ball pit in this game, so no shoes are allowed and everyone must wear socks!
*If you happen to forgot your socks, a new pair can be purchased on site for $2.

Difficulty: admin-ajax yellowadmin-ajax yellowadmin-ajax yellowadmin-ajax yellowadmin-ajax yellowadmin-ajax yellow

Min Players:  ������player  player  player  player  player  player

Max Players:   player  player  player  player  player  player  player  player  player  player

Time Limit:aa

Admission: $26.00 + GST per player