There is a ball-pit in the Rainboworld game, how cool is that! We had a birthday party at FREEING! and we had a blast. Unique game room structure with good mixture of mind puzzles and mechanical units. Definitely by far the best escape room I had played.
Cary J, Google Reviews
Lots of thought put into the setting, real props (they trust you to be an adult and not break them), heavy emphasis on the story line, and numerous different types of puzzles (probably 8+ total)… Freeing Canada really gives the participants a sense that they accomplished something besides figuring out 3-4 combination locks.. lots of fun, creativity, vision and challenge. 
Jason G, Yelp
I read about this online, so we first came to try one of their escape rooms: Black Swan. It was very entertaininga nd we decided to come for a more difficult room: Space time mission. It was quite busy when we got in. We told the receptionist that it was our firs ttime here, and we didn’t know what to expect. He explained everything to us including the story plot and the instructions…
JanYVR, Facebook
Room escape has been really popular lately, so we went and tried one out on our way to the movies. As first time players we didn’t know what to expect and was surprised when we saw so many people playing there. Everybody seems to be enjoying themselves and were so excited making us really want to try it out. Thankfully they had a room for us with so many customers..
Tyler D, TripAdvisor
This place is AMAZING! This was our first time and my friends + I cannot get enough! We did the space time and had a blast! The props are great and the riddles/clues can be challenging but so worth it once you solve the puzzle! The staffs are so nice! We will definitely go to Canada just to try out all their themes! THANK YOU FREEING CANADA FOR AN UNFORGETTABLE TIME!
Ngoc Vo, Bookeo
Best room escape experience so far!! Really recommend it to people who love to solve puzzles and riddles!! Warning: it gets really addictive!!!! There are different levels and theme rooms to choose from, and the staff there are all really professional. They answer all your inquires and explain different stories behind their theme rooms and make sure we all knew what to do before we head inside… 
Lindsay M, Yelp
This was my first time visiting Freeing Canada and WOW, was I impressed! We played the War of Tomorrow theme and the variety of puzzles and the entire room design was just second to none. The entire set-up for the game was really interesting, we were put in secret agent vests and handcuffs in the beginning of the game which added to the overall theme and experience of the game. Furthermore, the staff were extremely helpful and nice, which was a definitely a plus! Would definitely return to try their other games. 
Danny W, Google Reviews
This was a super unique and fun experience. So glad to find something fun and new to do. We tried out the Asylum and it was super challenging and creepy but altogether really enjoyable even though we didn’t make it out. I would recommend this to anyone it was really well thought out and creative and I was really impressed. The props are great and the room totally looked like an insane Asylum room. Can’t wait to try out the less challenging rooms and become more experienced! It was super fun 🙂
Mauricea P, Bookeo
The rooms are very well decorated and the puzzles are very well-designed and fun! I look forward to the upcoming new theme rooms!
Bonita Y, Bookeo
Out of all escape rooms I’ve tried so far, this one is definitely one of the better ones! Not only did their room matched the theme, but all the puzzles had some relevance as well! Overall great experience, with great room+puzzle designs! Absolutely worth the try!
Aaron M, TripAdvisor