A famous painter was found dead inside his art studio. The cause of death was determined to be poison, and all evidence pointed toward his wife. She was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. Case closed…or so it seemed.

A few months later, the wife committed suicide inside her prison cell. She left behind a note for her young daughter, claiming her innocence. Not long afterwards, neighbours of the family started to report of unusual noises coming from the art studio, believing it to be haunted.

Ten years later, the daughter still believes her mother to be innocent. She begs you to re-open the case and investigate her father’s death. You go inside the abandoned art studio, and find the haunted rumours to be real: the ghost of the wrongly-accused wife lingers, unable to move on until her innocence is proven. Only until you have found the true murderer will her spirit finally be at peace.

A case closed for ten years is re-opened…can you unmask the real killer?

*It is a dark room, players will be given lanterns for the game!

Difficulty: admin-ajax yellowadmin-ajax yellowadmin-ajax yellowadmin-ajax whiteadmin-ajax whiteadmin-ajax white

Min Players:   player   player

Max Players:   player  player  player  player  player  player

Time Limit:45_min

Admission: $23.00 + GST per player


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