War of Tomorrow

The evil Dr Alpha from Rainboworld has built an army intent on taking over the world! He has developed powerful bombs and stored them in hidden locations around the globe. Freeing Agent 007 was sent undercover behind enemy lines to gather information on these weapons, but has lost contact with headquarters. As an elite team of Freeing Agents, you are assigned to finish what 007 started. You allow the enemy to capture you to gain access to their command centre. The war of tomorrow begins today!

*Players will be handcuffed before the game start!

Difficulty: admin-ajax yellowadmin-ajax yellowadmin-ajax yellowadmin-ajax yellowadmin-ajax whiteadmin-ajax white

Min Players:   player  player  player  player

Max Players:   player  player  player  player  player  player

Time Limit:aa

Admission: $26.00 + GST per player

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